Willow’s First Report Card

Today’s blog post was written by Judy Perkes, in response to “Good Baby”. It is shared with her permission for your reading pleasure:

When a child has been in a class for six weeks, a teacher is required to do a report card for the child. So here’s my completely biased one for Willow Mei.

“It has been a pleasure to get to know Willow during these first six weeks. While the first few weeks were a bit of an adjustment for all, Willow has steadily improved and is, without a doubt, absolute perfection now.
She has mastered all skills that have been introduced to her. She nurses with great consistency, eliminates waste with ease, has demonstrated the power of her voice and lungs and is continuing to develop muscle control of all her body parts.
Willow is learning, consistent for her age, to sleep for longer periods of time.
In the area of cuddling, Willow has excelled and demonstrated above level skills.
Willow has superb parental support and shows her comfort with her surroundings. She plays well with her classmates and willingly shares her toys.
To sum up, it is evident that Willow is performing at a Level 4 in all areas and I continue to look forward being with her in the future.”

May 1, 2014
Gramma Judy Perkes
(happily retired OCT member and proud honourary grandmother)


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