These Things I Cherish Today

Dear Willow,

Today you have been on the outside for three months and three days.

You are making the sweetest little noise while you nurse. It’s like a soft, repetitive humming that expresses your satisfaction and contentment.

All is well. And all is well. And all manner of thing shall be well.

You always smile first thing in the morning when I am changing you. When I’ve had a hard night and haven’t slept you make everything better with that smile. Your whole face lights up and instantly brightens my mood and my day.

I never want to forget the way your hair smells after your bath, the way your hand grasps onto my finger even in your sleep, the way you collapse onto my shoulder when you are too tired to hold your head up, the way you gaze intently at your daddy as though he is the most interesting person in the world. These things I cherish today and tuck away into my heart.

Over the last several years that we waited for you I made promises to myself, to you, to the Universe. I promised not to resent or dwell on discomfort and changes in my body during pregnancy and birth. I promised not to take small moments for granted. I promised to cherish the full experience of motherhood with all of its challenges and rewards, to avoid seeing things as mundane, to always appreciate the magic inherent in the miracle of your very existence. You make it so easy to keep up my end of the deal.

Thank you for being you, my sweet baboo.




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