Toddler versus lunchbox: A lesson in determination

Sometimes it is hard (and frustrating) to watch Willow struggle with something that is challenging for her. It can be really tempting to interfere with her learning by doing something for her instead of patiently watching and trusting that she can solve a problem on her own.  My first instinct is to want to make it easier. To do it for her. To remove the frustration. To make her happy.  

Thankfully, my teacher training and understanding of Willow’s proximal zone of development have allowed me to tune out the voice in my head that says that I am a bad parent for allowing our child to struggle and experience frustration as she learns about the ways things work in the world around her. 

Thank you to Grandma Judy for shooting this 60 second video today, and to Willow for reminding me that it is only through the discomfort of struggle that determination and problem solving skills are truly developed.

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