Daddy Love

Willow has a pretty awesome Daddy. He is not afraid to jump in the kiddie pool or splash in the puddles. He knows that a clean floor is not more important than an inquisitive child who is learning about capacity and mass through experimentation. He recognizes that a job that removes you from your family is not worth pursuing. He understands the power of a snuggle and a kiss, and the importance of keeping a spare Noam Chimpsky lovie on call. He is learning how to be a parent, just as I am. He has strengths and weaknesses, just as I do. He is not perfect, and neither am I. There is nobody else on this planet I would rather have as my parenting partner, and I am so glad that he is thriving and growing in his confidence as a father, and helping me to grow as a mother and as a human being. 
Involved and loving Daddies of the world, thank you for doing things “your way”, even when you are told it is not the “right way”. Thank you for loving your children in the way that only a Daddy can, and for doing all of the thankless everyday jobs that we so often forget to notice. Thanks for taking things in stride when your partner is repeatedly praised by society for her hard work as a parent and you are often left out or even ridiculed for your efforts. An involved and loving Daddy is a gift to a child that leaves a lasting imprint on both the child and the human race. Thank you for making our kids and our world kinder, gentler, and more loving. 

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the daddies, with extra love to those who mourn the loss of their dads, those who mourn the loss of a relationship with their dad or their child’s dad, dads who mourn the loss of a child, and my friends in the silent brotherhood who are praying to one day be called someone’s “Dada”. 

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