Look up, Momma

Sometimes we can be rushed and stressed in the morning when a wrench is thrown into our routine (yesterday it was a sick daycare provider and a scramble to get backup care).

In the midst of my stress, Willow gently reminded me to “Look up, Momma! The sky! It’s so beautiful like a wainbow colour!”

Proof that young children are mindfulness gurus.

I did look up. I paused my busy body. I let go of the worries and the rushing for just a moment. I noticed the gorgeous colours of the sky that our daughter, with her artist’s eyes, had already taken the time to soak in and appreciate. My shoulders came down from my ears. My breath became deeper. My heart rate slowed. My adrenaline and cortisol levels dissipated. My blood pressure came down. My head started to hurt a little bit less. My “stressed mom” face softened.

I took a photo to remind myself to take our three-year-old’s advice to “look up” the next time I feel bogged down by challenges.

And we still got where we needed to be on time.