Summer is slowing down and living for today. Summer is exploring and playing with no rushing. Summer is finger painting. Summer is washing the same bike over and over with water and a sponge. Summer is a sidewalk chalk masterpiece. Summer is splashing. Summer is running though a sprinkler. Summer is barefoot sand sculpting. Summer is rolling down a grassy hill. Summer is cloud-watching. Summer is an intricate block tower that doesn’t have to be tidied right away. Summer is a fort built from blankets and sticks. Summer is fish-watching. Summer is tomato-growing. Summer is popsicle-licking. Summer is not having to share Momma with her “other kids” at school. Summer is being in the Now. Happy Summer.

One thought on “Summer

  1. Love ❤️ love ❤️ love ❤️

    Reminds me of the awesome summertime feelings and adventures with the gals – memorymaking at its deepest, emotionally gratifying best☝️


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