Big thoughts from a little person

“They shouldn’t call that a right angle. It should be called a left angle, because it makes an L for LEFT.” -Willow, on angle nomenclature

“Momma, you break open your brain and see what you see. That’s Art.” -Willow, on Art

“Momma, the elephant’s real name was Jumbo Junior in the movie. His momma didn’t call him Dumbo. The mean elephants called him Dumbo. It’s not nice to call someone dumb. So we need to call him Jumbo, NOT Dumbo, when we read the story about the movie. Okay, Momma?” -Willow, on compassion

“Unfortunately, Momma… dreams don’t just come true. You can’t just wish and things happen. You have to work hard and make your dreams come true.” -Willow, on determination

I think I have found my new life coach. She’s five years old and is full of wise words. I’m in awe of the way in which she sees the world.

When we slow our lives down enough to listen-really listen-to young children, we often hear very profound statements. We gain insight into how their minds work and how they process new information and ideas… and sometimes we are given the gift of a better way of looking at the world.

One of the gifts of having an only child is the ability to really listen without interruptions from siblings. I know that one day Willow will not want to share all of her innermost thoughts with me, so I will store these precious moments in my heart and cherish them.

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