I have to accept that my body does not always work the way it is supposed to, and that I need more rest than I would like to admit. Sometimes, when fatigue hits in a big way, I need to pause Camp Mommy and give myself permission to rest.

Willow is more understanding and gracious than most people I’ve met. She goes out of her way to adapt her play to include me when I am not feeling well. I was a “sick patient” who needed to rest on a couch while doctor Willow brought me water, stuffed animals, pillows, and umbrellas. I was a “floor audience member” who needed to lie on the floor to watch various stuffed monkey “famous singers” performing on her “bed stage”. I was the “hide and seek” person who closed my eyes and guessed aloud where Willow might be hiding in the room. I was the “art customer” who ordered clay sculptures and other art pieces and rested while Willow diligently made them for me. I was the “restaurant eater” who rested on the couch while she created masterpieces in her play kitchen for me to pretend to eat.

If I’m feeling crabby and tired after a long morning, she will sometimes tell me to take a nap while she quietly colours, listens to stories on CD, or plays with her building toys.

I don’t know what amazing things we did in a previous life to deserve this kid, but I’m so thankful that we were chosen to be her parents.